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This is the story of a Single Dad that was swept up in a scam to take advantage of him, tie him into two Contracts that damaged his life, took years of his work without payment and thousands of his dollars in a deal that should have paid him a 1966 Batmobile Replica that he could have completed in a few Years. Instead, he was totally ripped off.

This site will be updated as time goes on. Links will be activated as Content and pages are added, the full story of how Scott Lee defeated Mark Towle and Kory Geick will be told.

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More lies still continuing!

Raxter LawMark Towle's play for pay Attorneys have now made the false claim that the Web Files given to Mark Towle under the Court's Order for the 2nd Contracted Web Site are defective, don't function and are not a Web Site!

Nancyrose HernandezAs unbelievable as it might seem, Mark Towle is still sending flat out lies and distortions to the Superior Court. On December 22nd 2016, Nancyrose Hernandez, one of Mark Towle's Attorneys stood in open Court and told the Honorable John Molloy that a Web Expert claimed that the Web Files Scott Lee sent to Raxter Law in California were not a web site and they did not function. Jeremiah Raxter, Mark Towle's lead Attorney, claimed that he sent the Web Files mailed to him by Scott Lee to Mark Towle and that Mark Towle then sent them to a Web Expert of his choosing. They also claimed they had lost the files and then found them. Their game play is fervent and transparently conjured from nonsense.

Scott Lee had anticipated their deceptions so he uploaded the Web Files from the second contract prior to releasing them to the Mark Towle's attorney. Scott Lee expected Mark Towle to either sabotage the Web Files or claim they are defective and do not work to attempt to weasel his way out of having to pay Scott Lee.

Jeremiah RaxterAs expected, Mark Towle misbehaved exactly as Scott Lee expected him to. Scott Lee has linked the Web Site to his portfolio site and has made it public on his portfolio for all to see the exact working web files that were mailed to Jeremiah Raxter on a flash drive. The Court has already viewed by now that the Web Site is a valid Web Site and that Mark Towle and his Attorneys have again acted with deceit to attempt to cheat Scott Lee out of what he is owed. The Court had long ago been given a web address to view the Web Site functioning prior to Mark Towle's latest batch of lies.

Mark Towle was Court Ordered to pay Scott Lee on or before December 14th 2016. This he refused to do and claimed lies and nonsense as his reasons for defying the orders of the Superior Court of California in the County of Riverside. This is exactly the type of person Mark Towle is and continues to prove to the World he is.

Mark TowleMark Towle can not be trusted to speak the truth nor step up, be a Man, and pay the debts he owes. Mark Towle quit the project, refused to complete it, refused to allow any web site testing on his server and now makes flagrantly false claims again against Scott Lee in his decade long mission to cheat Scott out of all he can for as long as he can. Keep in mind that Scott Lee had fronted Mark Towle under his contracted promise to pay him with a 1966 Batmobile replica, thousands of dollars and years of his best work.

Scott Lee was forced to invest $8,000 and 5 years of his work only for Mark Towle to refuse to pay him, attempt to extort $22,750. from him, refuse to allow him in hand ownership of his replica and then turn around and file a frivolous false lawsuit upon Scott from California. Mark Towle continues to show everybody he lacks any moral fiber or honor. All he does, has done and continues to perpetrate are heinous acts and screams to all that he is more likely than not incapable of doing honest business and therefore should never be trusted.

Mark Towle has now fraudulently claimed to the court more blatant falsehoods and is evidently still putting more lies out into the public about Scott.

Kory GeickIn addition, Kory Geick was caught defaming Scott Lee further by stating to someone, a friend of Scott's that the files did not work that were given to Raxter Law by him to satisfy the Court's demand. Mark Towle continues to refuse to pay Scott Lee for this web work and continues to state lies to the Court that these files you are about to view working perfectly do not work and are not a Web Site.

The Web Site you are about to view was uploaded for portfolio purposes only and are linked now from Scott Lee's portfolio site. Scott Lee has within his contracts the right to display his work done under both contracts for Mark Towle within his portfolio for the public and potential clients to view.

See for yourself if they work or not and if they are a functioning Web Site. If anyone is told by Kory Geick or Mark Towle any nonsense about Scott Lee please contact us and let us know. Legal service for defamation will be prepared to serve upon Kory Geick as well as anyone else thereby demanding these persons prove their claims that the web files sent to Raxter Law were defective or couldn't function if uploaded correctly on a properly configured server.

Please e-mail us if you know Kory Geick's current address so we can continue tracking his location in the event that he can not stop spouting defamation about Scott Lee. Kory Geick is likely to soon find himself served a civil suit. Reports are now coming in that now that the second contracted Web Site is proven to be functional proving he told lies, he is now running his mouth further by claiming the site was done at the last minute and that it is a horrible looking Web Site. This is a strange thing for him to say, being that he was involved in the design process, delayed the process 17 months by refusing content, making unending revisions and increasing it's scope and number of pages above and beyond the contracted demands while threatening lawsuits against Scott. It seems Kory Geick is going to continue to attempt to fraudulently justify Mark Towle's continuing actions with his irrational nonsensical lies until he is called in front of a Judge as well.

Would you ever want to deal with two guys that would stoop so low as to take good web files feed them to a supposed Web Expert and then lie to a Superior Court Judge and other people about the web files functionality and what they received?

This site was designed nearly 6 years ago. The requirements were that it be functional in Internet Explorer and Firefox versions that were in use back in 2011 on PC or Mac computers. The 2nd contracted Web Site was never designed to be viewable from a phone nor was that ever a design requirement. You must view this from your computer in either Firefox or Explorer.

Click the link below to view the Web Site designed back in 2011!


As the lies continue to pour out of Mark Towle's orifices, we'll publish them here.

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