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Munsters Koach from Gotham Garage offered on ebay with Listing Violations!

Mark Towle and Kory Geick have recently been involved with a seemingly deceptive and entrapping ebay auction for a Munsters Koach Replica.

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We at BattyLeaks were notified through our ebay system of a very questionable ebay listing that Mark Towle and Kory Geick are definitely involved in.

We challenge you to look at this listing as it will likely be removed shortly by ebay for numerous listing violations. We have screen shot it here for your review. See if you can look closely and find the errors, listing violations and bait and switch tactics most likely represented within this listing. The Screen Shot below is an actual real time image of the "what we feel is" more likely than not, an intentionally weaved snare by Kory Geick and Mark Towle for their next possible victim. Please review closely the listing below after we present to you this tasteful promotional parody message from our sponsors.

Who You Not Gonna CallIt is worth mentioning here that Scott Lee on several occasions was required to assist Kory Geick in writing and preparing images for such an auction as this so his transferred insights should not be immediately discounted. Oh and he has still not been payed anything for 5 years of work. You can click the image below to enlarge it on your screen in a new window. Study the Listing below and see if you can find the errors, listing violations, and probable deceptions, then compare what you found to what we found.

Click the image of the listing below to open a new tab and enlarge the listing to actual size. You might have to click it a second time after it opens in a new tab to enlarge it depending on your browser's configuration. Go For It!
We call this our Towle/Geick Deception Test. The Good Old TGDT!

Towle Ebay Listing

How did you do? Here is what we found...

First off, the Listing's violations are as follows in regards to ebay policy.

  1. The listing is stated to not deliver anything for 9 months. All ebay pre-orders must state and abide by a 30 day delivery deadline and not 9 months. VIOLATION.

  2. The listing is for a Munsters Koach Replica. Munsters Koach is a protected property of Universal Studios and we do not believe at this time that Mark Towle has license rights to build the Munster's Koach, though an update from what we currently have proof of from a while back has yet to be obtained from Universal Studios Licensing. We are working on updating this. Bootleg copies of Unlicensed IP Owned Property is forbidden on Ebay. VERY LIKELY A VIOLATION.

  3. The listing states a VIN Number of 11111111111111111 in the Item Description. This is another blatant ebay violation as no vehicles can nor should be listed with a fraudulent Vin Number for the Vehicle being offered. Also how can there be a Vin for a vehicle that doesn't exist? VIOLATION.

  4. IMPORTANT! The listing states that you will be required to pick up the Munsters Koach in California, likely at Mark Towle's shop. In the Towle v Lee case, Mark Towle took the position that he delivered Scott Lee's replica to him at his shop, however Scott Lee testified that he was never allowed to pick the replica up. Scott's testimony was clear that at no time would Mark Towle nor Kory Geick allow him access to a location nor a time to pick up his replica nor replica kit. NEVER agree to pick up your replica from Mark Towle at his shop or that he will deliver your replica to you at his shop. Make sure your contract demands that he deliver the replica to your home or a location away from his shop or location he can control, otherwise you might never get it, never know where it is being stored and be unable to locate it. The court might agree that he delivered your replica to his shop even though you were never allowed to collect it. THIS IS VITAL.

    Do not allow delivery to you of your replica or parts for pick up at Mark Towle's shop in any agreement, EVER! The exact same thing happened to Brett Vasey. Even though Brett Vasey paid in full up front including delivery he was unable to get his replica. Mark Towle has a fenced locked up yard that private investigators nor bounty hunters can breach without first identifying the vehicle or having a court order to enter the property. Your replica even though you paid for it and did everything correct could be withheld away from you for years, while you are forced to go through years of hard litigation. Even though your replica could remain locked up and hidden from you, you won't have to worry about a ruling that states your replica was delivered to you when the truth is you had never been allowed to even see it in person much less pick it up.

  5. The stated delivery date would be 9 months away placing the available pick up time possibly in late December of 2017 which is likely a very questionable VIOLATION. If he is late in completing, then your replica would be a 2018 model or possibly a 2028 model by the time he completes it. It's hard to guess with this guys track record as it is. We are not aware of Mark Towle ever completing a replica within 9 months though we are aware of him not completing the simple mount of a fiberglass kit on a chassis after years when paid up front the full amount to do so.

  6. The listing comes with a linked phone number for Kory which is also quite likely a violation because it gives the ebay seller a connection to an outside self proclaimed car broker that is not the person listed as the one responsible for this listing whom is stated to be J. Stone, whomever that might be, but the ebay name suggests a third person. So it is apparent at no time at the point of winning this auction you are dealing with Mark Towle the builder and we will refer back to this later as to why we feel it is set up this way.

    In this listing we have an ebay name that appears to be someone we have already stated is listed as the seller, J. Stone. We have Kory Geick as the one to be called for questions. Why is that? Why is Mark Towle again as on his Web Site nowhere within reach? By using ebay, are you legally making first contact with Mark Towle and will that give him jurisdiction in court if you are forced to sue him? Since he is not the seller, if you win this auction, make damn sure you do not make first contact with Mark Towle in any way. Make sure he contacts you first and keep proof of that first contact. The Court might still rule that you sought him out first for business even though his product is being presented to you by a second or third person in an ebay auction he is not legally tied to.

    Kory GeickWhy is Mark Towle not tied legally in the least with this ebay listing? He would be or should be if he had direct contacts with his potential clients. As we have instructed you, you should never deal with Kory Geick because he has testified in court that he does not work for Mark Towle, yet here he is again the go to guy for questions. Kory Geick might tell you to call or email Mark Towle and when you do, that means if you decide to sue him, your case will be in California. Is this auction set up to bait you into making first contact with Mark Towle, in the event Towle does not deliver? Now add to that question your reality that you have an unknown J. Stone added to the mix and likely another ebay member that is actually responsible for the listing. These people are set in place to instruct you that it's OK to contact Mark Towle and they will give you his phone number or email address. Will these other people also testify in court that they as well do not work for Mark Towle, therefore you actually made first contact with Mark Towle of Gotham Garage instead of how it really went down? Will a Court decide that since you won an ebay auction that you were persuing him to do buisiness? So is this ebay listing set up to entrap a person into having to lose jurisdiction? It's not Mark Towle listing this auction is it? Figure it out, it's not that hard to figure out when forewarned. Just keep in mind and understand fully that jurisdiction is usually determined by who persued who for doing business first.

    MEGAN HUMMINGBIRDNow let's go a little further... The person that is stated to have the ebay membership that is responsible for this listing and completing the sale is kcol9388. So who is this person if he is not J. Stone? We are guessing that this person could be Kory Geick's baby momma's Dad, Megan Cole Hummingbird (Megan's parent "King Cole"). We consider this because of the name as well as the numbers likely being the birth dates of two of his children, whom one is likely Kory Geick's baby momma, Megan Cole Hummingbird whom a year or so ago had Kory's child. Of note is that Kory is a good two decades older than Megan and left his wife and three kids behind. Megan Cole's home town, we've been instructed is Tulsa Oklahoma.

    Who is J. Stone? Not sure but that name sounds more like an imaginary TV detective than someone that actually exists. Do we know this for sure? Nope, but things sure appear that way. If the ebay seller in this listing is actually Megan Cole's Father or Mother, we wonder if she has any idea of the consequences to her parent if this deal goes like most others have gone for Mark Towle's clients. The ebay seller as well as anyone involved could be held accountable to the buyer in a civil suit.

    Ebay no longer attempts to keep disputes between buyers and sellers out of civil litigation. Ebay changed it's policy on this a few years back. If the Munsters Koach in this listing is never delivered on time, or not at all as is Mark Towle's proven habit, the buyer can hold kcol9388 liable for losses in a civil suit by naming every person involved in this auction as a Co-Defendant. Kory Geick has already been charged in a lawsuit along with Mark Towle and named in others. Mark Towle has been sued multiple times for taking payments, one as large as $85,000 paid up front and delivering nothing in return to his clients. Do your research before ever getting involved with these clowns.

    Cole Location The seller is confirmed to be from Tulsa Oklahoma. Our investigative team has just informed us that they were told that Megan Cole Hummingbird is 28 years old at the time of this posting and born in 1988 which also matches the ebay user name and likely represents the 88 in their member's name. In addition we have located the apartment King Cole resides in, their phone number as well as the high possibility that King Cole may not be Man but actually could be a woman. Is the ebay user, kcol9388 actually Megan Cole Hummingbird's Mom? King Cole is listed as being 67 years old within our sources.

    In the event that the buyer eventually has to serve a civil suit upon the seller, we will state that our sources have determined that the address for such service is at this point more likely than not to be the residence of King Cole located at 6341 South 107th East Ave, Unit 4 Tulsa, OK 74133. Also it's worth mentioning that people whom live in apartments usually do not have large assetts that anyone could persue in a civil action. As far as we can determine, the person you might be sending such a huge amount of unprotected funds lives in an apartment pictured below. Can you see what might be happening now? The bait is set and Mark Towle is not the lister, not the person asking questions nor responsible for this auction as far as we can tell but guess who that contract mentioned says you will have to wire your money to?

    Does it impress you enough to consider that this ebay listing could be set up the way it is because Mark Towle has no intention of delivering this non-existing replica in the least but likely intends to put you in a position where he has all of your money,($75,000) you are thousands of miles away, he has home jurisdiction for any litigation, and you face a hell of an uphill 6 year legal battle and $50,000 in legal fees minimum, to get nothing but a monetary judgment awarded which in the end he might never pay you anyway? Think about it. If you pay him up front $75,000 it could cost you more than that in legal fees and years of frustration just to get an order that he pay you back that he will likely fight not to pay. Also unless it's stated in your contract you will likely never get your attorney fees back. It's a total lose, lose for you and win, win for Mark Towle. He get's your $75,000 and you get to file a 6 year long lawsuit that would most likely spend all of the money you were trying to get refunded to you.

    So whom will be responsible if you don't get what you pay for? Good question isn't it?

    No First Contact

    Like we have been telling you all through this Web Site Mark Towle has other people in front of him claiming they negotiate and answer questions for him, but as in the Towle v Lee cases, Kory Geick denied he worked for Mark Towle nor is associated with his business and stated he had never worked for him but helps him as a friend, so basically unless you get Kory Geick also named in your contract your best bet is to kick his sorry ass to the curb and not deal with him at all. Refuse to speak with anyone but who you have a contract with.

    If you fail to do this, you will be in jeopardy of being promised one thing by Kory and in Court being told that Kory Geick, who made agreements with you stating he had Mark Towle's full authoriy to do so will flip when testifying and state he had no authority to do so. This could leave you with no proof in Court that Towle switched away or agreed to things you thought were a done deal. Kory Geick baits you into a deal and Mark Towle will likely switch your deal, The Bait and Switch! You don't want to go into court with no proof of altered agreements agreed to verbally and not in writing. If you have already gotten tied into these clowns in a deal you had better study this entire web site carefully.

    If Kory Geick or anyone else tells you they speak for or represent Mark Towle in any way demand a notarized statement from Mark Towle duly signed by him that they do or ignore them and force Mark Towle to make first contact with you and save a record of that first contact, preferably by email. If he isn't willing to contact you first he doesn't need nor deserve your business. Also record all contact if it is legal for you to do so. If it is not legal to record, then demand all contact through email. We can not stress this enough. Court transcribing of recordings is expensive, printing emails isn't. Never sign a contract with these guys that does not state home jurisdiction belongs to you. Now lets get back to The Good Old TGDT!

  7. The Vehicle Title is listed as Clear yet we have a fraudulent VIN Number attached to it in this listing and no car exists... VIOLATION.

  8. Mileage is stated to be 10 miles, yet the Munsters Koach is stated as not even being started nor even exists yet so the Mileage has been listed fraudulently... VIOLATION.

  9. Finally, we see that they stipulate that payment is by Contractual Agreement and we doubt seriously they are referring to the ebay contractual agreement because there is no valid reason to state this, so we think they are talking about a Second Hidden Contractual Agreement that you accept you will be required to agree to while bidding or winning this auction. What else can it be? You should look into the previous contracts Mark Towle has made with people that are posted on this site, especially the one for Saundra McKee which indeed had a hidden escape clause in it that benefited only Mark Towle. It is forbidden to make any sales outside of ebay by contract other than those stipulated by ebay's agreements so likely we have another VIOLATION here as well.

    That's a whole lot of violations for a single ebay listing, don't you think?

Now let's look at the Real Disturbing part of this listing. The listing states this:

"This ebay auction is for a Munsters Koach toy, and the winner will also receive a custom, full size, fully drivable Munster's Koach custom-build hotrod that will be ready for your driving pleasure after a 9 month construction process."

Look closely do you see anything in this listing that states you will own a full sized Munsters Koach Replica, because we don't. It states that you will own a toy and a full sized replica Munster's Koach will be made available for you to drive. Let's look again. It states later that "Gotham Garage's Munster's Koach Replica built by the famous Mark Towle can be in your garage. All you have to do is bid." Is that telling you, you get to own the car? Nope. What the listing is saying and all it is saying is that you get to own a toy, that you will get to drive a replica and if you Bid you will get to have a replica in your garage. All bidders get to have a replica in their garage? For how long? Under what terms? Are the Terms spelled out in the unseen hidden contract? Does this mean you get to win and own the Toy and you will be able to park the Toy in your Garage? Where is the part where they are committing to ownership of this fully done replica to you for the winning bid because we are not seeing it. It's not there ANYWHERE! We've looked for it.

lillyYou know what else we are not seeing? We are not seeing the contractual agreement... (HIDDEN?). What determines when or if you even get that toy after winning the bidding?.... NICE! So are you agreeing to an unseen agreement by winning this auction? Will you have to pay in full within 14 days of auction closing before getting a copy of that agreement? Are you allowed to read the Contract, keep your privacy, so you can decide if you even want to bid? What if the Contract is Gotham Garbage? Can you see the legal entrapments here? Will there even be any Winner or is this a means of rooting out interested parties by contacting all Bidders through the ebay system and asking for a phone call? Could this be a deceptive system not to sell a replica not yet built, but more cloaked as a way for Kory Geick to locate potential buyers, get their private information outside of ebay where he and Towle can set their own terms? Set their own Bait? Why is Kory Geick's number posted when all questions could and should be answered through ebay messaging? Is this Kory Geick just throwing out a net for more little fishes to bite at a dream that won't be delivered? Is this just a sucker search?

On top of all this, and this is the kicker, that Toy offered in this listing is a bent up damaged 1/18th scale Munsters Koach Die cast Gotham Garbage toy that is missing it's driver's door, has a scratched up windshield and appears to have been dropped. Check out the bent rumble seat attached to the back of it. Here is the pic they included of it within the listing. Your actual only clearly stated reward is pictured below... a damaged Toy Car. The Bidding is nearly at $13,000 and the reserve for this damaged 1/18th scale toy has not yet been met. Uhhhm...... HELLLLLLO?


Ebay ToyButch Patrick

We at BattyLeaks found this ebay auction to be so disturbing that we contacted Butch Patrick, whom played the Munsters Character, Little Eddie in the Original Munsters TV show. We asked Butch if he was aware his image was being used in this ebay listing. His reply? He told us that he had no idea that he was being featured to add credibility to this ebay auction. He thanked us for looking out for him and covering his back.

The listing states no Delivery for 9 months, Yet they demand FULL PAYMENT WITHIN 14 DAYS OF AUCTION CLOSE! Mark Towle is known for taking years to do a simple mount of a Fiberglass Kit to a chassis, not even completing that within 5 years and then refusing to allow the owner to pick it up. This work which should have taken him no more than a couple of months to complete, (Yes this is TRUE and proven in Court!) yet here they claim a full build within 9 months after all the money is paid up front? Really? Don't hold your breath people.

One of Scott Lee's strongest recommendations is to never pay Mark Towle in full up front. Michael Hunt paid in full $85,000 up front and he had to sue Mark Towle. Scott Lee fronted 5 years of his best work and $8,000 and had to sue Mark Towle. Sandra McKee paid $7,000 up front and she lost all of her money. Brett Vasey paid $12,000 in full up front including pre-paid delivery and he had to hire an attorney to go after Mark Towle. NONE of these people ever received their replicas. None of them did. A well known Batman Cosplayer sent Mark Towle $3,000 up front for parts for a replica. What he got was stated to him as unusable by his repica builder, Mark Towle never replaced those apparently severly defective parts when asked to over and over with quality parts.

Paypal only allows 90 days for which to get your money back by filing for a Dispute.

Credit Cards only allow 6 Months for you to file a Dispute and get your Money Back.

After 9 months we know of no easy solution to getting your money back if Mark Towle Chooses not to allow you the Replica or fails to build it.

Once Mark Towle has all of your Money is there any incentive for him to get this replica done in 9 months? His proven past record proves otherwise. After you pay Mark Towle up front he can stall, yaw, duck and dodge you right past the statute of limitations for which you have to take legal action. He did this to Scott Lee and then sold his replica kit to someone else without Scott knowing anything about it. We do not recommend anyone EVER pay Mark Towle up front. In fact, we don't recommend placing any trust in him at all.

If you Wire Transfer your Money or send a Cashier's Check for this purchase and your car is not delivered you are screwed and pretty much have to file a lawsuit that would cost you more in Attorney Fees than what you paid, in the event that your Munsters Koach simply is kept from you. All you can do after that is take your fight to court. Since the listing was created most likely in California you would never get home jurisdiction for the Court Case.

Do you see the Bait and Switch being set up here?....... ANYONE??????


It appears that Mark Towle will not get a Payday and no one at this time has to worry about getting ripped off from this auction. Mark Towle's self worth FAR exceeded what the public considers his work is worth.

We have come to another very suspicious thing about this listing. Obviously no one reported this listing because it was full of violations against ebay policy but the conclusion of it and results we will now report. There appears to have been some suspect activity in the Bidding! We suspect Shill Bidding in this auction to fraudulently drive up the bidded amount to the reserve of the auction. What is Shill Bidding on ebay?

Most commonly referenced on ebay, shill bidding is when the seller of an item has a third party bid on their item solely with the intent of driving the price up and not for the purpose of buying the product.

Shill bidding is very popular with items such as cars and electronics. Individuals involved in shill bidding can sometimes be spotted on sites such as ebay by looking through a buyers betting history and comparing the number of items bet on compared with the number of items won (typically the number of items won is extremely lower than items bet on).

Normally a shill bidder is either a friend of the seller, a paid associate, or simply just a separate personal account of the seller. Shill bidding can be successful for it's purpose due to the fact that if the third party shill bidding is the winner of the auction, he/she will simply be reimbursed by the seller for the purchase price and a re-listing of the item may occur.

Shill bidding can result in legal action if a serious enough infringement and/or a series of infringements occur.

In this auction we have two accounts that bid against each other in the final minutes of the auction. Both accounts had been created a mere 12 hours before the end of the auction. Both accounts had no feedback, no previous sales and no previous purchases. Both accounts came into this auction and began a bidding war that drove the price of this auction from $15,000 placed by n***g 759Feedback score is 500 to 999) on Feb-26-17 17:07:59 PST to $45,100 placed by _***h 0 )  Mar-01-17 10:29:58 PST. Another bidder, j***e 0 )  was employed bidding to drive the bidded price up by more than $30,000.

By looking at the Bid History we can fairly well assume that more likely than not there was shill bidding employed. The bidding had these two mysterious bidders entering the bidding in the final few minutes to drive the price way up. The final apparently real bidded value for Mark Towle's Munster Koach is the last actual bid of $15,000 placed by n***g 759Feedback score is 500 to 999). Mark Towle's Munster Koach seems to be valued in this ebay auction at $15,000. Mark Towle places the value around $75,000.

Here is a screen shot of the bidding with the probable Shill Bidding blatantly evident and rampaging in the closing minutes to drive the cost up for other actual genuine bidders. Evidently Mark Towle and Kory Geick more likely than not can't even be trusted to even operate an honest auction. How pathetic is this? When you destroy your own reputation these are your consequences!

Bid History

This suspicious violating listing was immediately re-listed by the Seller at the starting bid nearly exactly at the amount that the bidding stopped at by the 0 feedback bidders and they have pulled Butch Patrick from their advertising! What do you think of that?
See the Screen Shot Below.

Koach Relisted

What Mark Towle is offering appears to be a mini-me of the original Munster's Koach.

To the untrained eye Mark Towle's Replica might seem accurate, but according to images compared, his replica is much smaller. We created this gif for you so that you could easilly see the difference. We placed Mark Towle in the image of the real Koach and we even enlarged him 20% to make the comparison ensured to be non biased! As you can clearly see, little is accurate and the replica is much shorter and likely much thinner compared to the original. The images were scaled per the rear wheel as reference. Mark Towle was enlarged 20% in the original Koach image, and we flipped the original Koach image to match the position of the Towle Replica, so basically he would be slightly shorter than the top of the cab on the original Munsters Koach. The horn of course would be shown on the other side of the original Koach, but other than that we believe this is an accurate comparison. As you can see, Mark Towle stands at least a full head length above the cab on his replica.

The replica offered in this listing is seemingly a mini-me of the original and that reduction in scale seems not to be mentioned in this ebay auction at all. To the contrary, the listing states, "Order your very own Munster's Koach customized to your own specific taste. It is the highest quality, the most accurate fully drivable and most FUN Munster's Koach Replica available anywhere, and it is yours for the bidding. This is as close as you will ever get to the original."

Most accurate? We don't think so! Perhaps they should call it the Mini Munsters Koach? This would be the honest thing to do. We don't see any way the Replica matches the original in wheel base much less alone so many other clearly evident inaccuracies. Clearly this can not even be called a replica. It's a bobbed altered version at best. Towle's so called replica looks like a teenage Koach hoping to grow into being a Munsters Koach. We suppose that would take a role in a B-Rated Movie entitled "I was a Teenage Munsters Koach", but a $75,000 accurate replica? Uhmmmm......No,... Not even close!

Koach Comparison

Real Koach
As anyone can plainly see, Mark Towle's Replica is anything but accurate.

Koach Replica

We have evidently received a few screen shots from one of the bidders in the first auction whom researched Gotham Garage on the Web and then hard rejected Mark Towle and Kory Geick.

They have requested to remain anonymous. We have blurred out the ebay user name of the person that sent us the communication between kcol9388 and this ebay bidder for the original listing above. We can not say anything more than that this came to us from a Yahoo email address and that it appears to be from the assistant of a wealthy oriental business owner that had placed bids in the first auction. We received several screen shots between the bidder and kcol9388. Are they genuine? We can not say for sure that they are or they aren't but they appear to be very genuine. We are posting only the last two dialogues between kcol9388 and this woman named Elaine whom was evidently the translator and worked for this foreign business owner. We can only say that these appear to be very real. They conclude a few things if this leak sent to us is real.

  1. The ebay listing was being answered by a person named Kory, probably Kory Geick.

  2. This person Kory was apparently demanding personal information as well as professional information before sending a copy of the external contract stated within the ebay listing.

  3. This person Kory refused all requests for a copy of the contract that was included in the ebay listing from the bidder unless she revealed her bosses personal information, phone information as well as his business information.

  4. This woman Elaine was protective of her employer's personal and professional information and denied his information to this person Kory.

  5. This woman Elaine was apparently intelligent enough not to give out any information without seeing first the terms of the Contract stated in the listing. She became suspicious and researched Mark Towle and Kory Geick on the Internet. We received screen shots from this woman named Elaine and she asked us to post them on this Web Site but not give out her identity. Are they genuine? The response from kcol9388 seems to be accurate and parallel with what we at BattyLeaks have been reporting all along about the questionable business practices that connect to Mark Towle, Kory Geick and Gotham Garage, in fact it appears Gotham Garage's Kory Geick circumvented ebay policy and emailed her directly demanding a phone call and her employer's information.

  6. Apparently Kory Geick is using this listing to ensnare clients into giving their personal information and if they refuse, they don't get to see the contract but aren't stopped from bidding. If they were to win the auction would they be denied a copy of the Contract that is stated to accompany the winning Bid and still have to pay within 14 days. Is this fair business or a Black Widow's Web?

  7. Curious to note that if this is genuine, this person Kory, identifies himself as being in California and one of "We at Gotham Garage in California". Since this listing is not listed by Gotham Garage nor Mark Towle, but from Tulsa Oklahoma, his responses make little sense. The listing is listed as being from Tulsa Oklahoma, Kory Geick lives in South Dakota, and Mark Towle's Gotham Garage operates out of Temecula California. Clearly some deceptive stuff is going on in this listing especially since Kory describes in responses "We at Gotham Garage in California".

  8. Also if true, this person self identified as Kory states that their Gotham Garage contract is an asset. We don't even understand what that means. A contract can not be an asset unless it unfairly benefits or protects one party over the other. Since bidders are being denied a copy of the contract it can not be determined what is in that contract that makes this contract an asset to Kory. We also think this is Kory Geick because he spelled rapport as repour and didn't know the difference.

  9. Also if true, this person self identified as Kory appears to be using ebay to find clients and gain contact information for possible outside sales to persons he locates though a listing that violates ebay policies.

Elaine also sent us a few screen-shot emails that were sent to her from that clearly states "Please contact this number about the Koach 605 254 5259" This is not only the actual email address from Gotham Garage but also is the cell phone number for Kory Geick who is located in South Dakota and not in California. It is very unlikely that Kory Geick is not the person responding to the email inquiries through the ebay system. He evidently further emails directly from a Gotham Garage e-mail, and not that of the ebay system to Elaine.

Here are the screen shots for your review.

blank box

blank boxKory Response

blank box

blank box

blank box

blank box



The second ebay listing was pulled by the Seller for errors in the listing! We will watch to see if this seller lists another auction connected to Gotham Garage with the same sketchy conditions. If any of you BattyLeakers see any ebay auctions or Buy It Nows that involve Kory Geick or Mark Towle e-mail us as soon as possible.

Listing Ended

  1. Did the Cole Family decide it was too risky to sell for Mark Towle from their account?
  2. Did Kory Geick and Mark Towle decide their plot was too transparent in this listing?
  3. Did they simply decide they didn't want a listing set for $45,000 with 0 bids to complete showing that the Market Value for this Replica Koach was far below the asking price of $75,000 and brought no bids at $45,000?
  4. Did they make the sale outside of ebay and no longer need the listing active?
  5. Did Megan Cole Hummingbird give Kory such a rash of grief that he was forced to take down the listing?
  6. Were they contacted by ebay for numerous violations?
  7. Were Kory Geick or Mark Towle contacted by Universal Studios with a cease and desist?

We may never know why their listing was taken down and not allowed to complete. We are watching to see if a new one emerges.

BattyLeaks sent an invitation to Kory Geick through a third party to respond to the content of this page yet Kory Geick and Mark Towle are yet to respond. Their response seems to be to take down their listing and hope it goes away... however, we have it all dated, recorded and reported on for you here at BattyLeaks! Here is what we are hearing back so far. Listen to this!

Join the Revolution at BattyLeaks! Protect the Public!

"Bad Boys Bad Boys, what you gonna do? What you gonna do when BattyLeaks reports on you? Bad Boys Bad Boys what you gonna do, what you gonna do when the Feds come for you?"

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